The American Footsteps tour.

  • Hear how the American paratroopers liberated the village of Sainte Mere Eglise in the very first hours of invasion and visit the Airborne Museum.
  • Learn why the battle of Normandy is also known as the battle of the hedgerows as we drive through the countryside.
  • Stand on Utah Beach where the landing took place and learn about the twist of fate that saved the lives of so many soldiers.
  • Visit Pointe du Hoc and hear the stories of the Rangers who scaled the cliffs to capture the German Gun battery.
  • Stand on Omaha Beach and learn about the landing stage by stage and the tragic events that traumatised so many soldiers.
  • Visit the American Military Cemetery and pay your respects to the 9386 soldiers resting there.
Sainte Mere Eglise

The British Footsteps tour.

  • See the famous Pegasus Bridge and learn about the successful gliderborne assault. Visit the Museum.
  • Visit the British and Commonwealth War Cemetery and pay your respects to the 2560 soldiers resting there.
  • Discover the Grand Bunker and understand the Germans defences.
  • Stand on Sword Beach where the British and French landed and learn how they took their objectives.
  • See Gold Beach and the remains of the Mulberry harbour and learn how it was created
Pegasus Bridge

The Canadian Footsteps tour.

  • Journey to Bernieres sur Mer to see the famous Canada House and hear about the landing on Juno Beach
  • Visit the Juno Beach Center located on one of the German strongpoint part of the Atlantic Wall
  • Visit the Canadian Military Cemetery and pay our respects to the 2049 soldiers resting there
  • Visit the German Gun Battery at Longues sur Mer
  • Visit the Abbaye d'Ardennes and hear about the execution of the Canadian soldiers
Canadian footsteps tour